To use our latest Carry Over Plan you need to be running version 3.6.0 or newer on iPhone/iPad (released early December 2017) or version 6.6.0 or newer on Android (released 20th December 2017).

Our Carry over plan uses the same calculations as our existing Premium plan but with over 200 free foods, a reduced daily allowance to compensate and the ability to carry over any of your remaining daily goal into your weekly. This is the latest plan!

Please see the approiate FAQ below if you do not know how to change plans.

Please note our Carry Over Plan is part of our premium subscription package within the app, this subscription which is $1.99 (USD)  - £1.99 (GBP) / $17.99 USD - £17.99 (GBP) (or local equivalent) gives your.

  1. Premium Support
  2. Pedometer support with Fitbit step syncing.
  3. Premium Plans - Our Standard premium plan and our new Carry over plan (see above).
  4. Secure Cloud Backup

iPhone/iPad : iPhone/iPad - How To Switch Plans

Android : Android - How to Switch Plans

Also please see this FAQ on free foods : Why are some free foods showing values