The easy way is use the new Cloud based backup service that is part of the premium subscription- however below is a guide on the tricky way to move data between Android devices if they have SDCards.

First ensure both devices are running the latest version of the app.

Once you have done this please follow these steps :
On your old device
Go to "More" and choose Backup/Restore.
Then choose Choose backup.
This copys all your database to the SDCard in a directory called

Then copy this folder and it's contents to the new devices SDCard.
Reinstall the app configuring it the same as you had on the old phone.
Then go to Backup/Restore and choose Restore Database and it will be back.

If the Restore Database option does not highlight after that it is because you have located the folder com.fenlander.upcp in the wrong location on your SDCard.

This sometimes can happen as different phone makers setup the default paths for the SDCard differently.

The easiest way to find out where to locate the folder is to perform a backup on the new device and see where it makes the folder - so essentially you will end up with two directory's.
One will be the new one in the correct location, and a second in the wrong location with your old data.

Now find both directory's and then copy the old data over to the new location and you should be able to restore your data successfully.