Important you MUST be running the latest version of the app. This is at least version 3.2.0 on iPhone/iPad and at least version 6.7.7 on Android - Released 16th July 2018.

Secondly in order to connect to Fitbit your web browser on your phone has to be have cookies enabled.

If you are NOT RUNNING these then all access to Fitbit will FAIL. This is due to security changes by Fitbit.

To check the version of the app you are running go to the More tab in the app (the last one) and choose 'About', if you are not running the version above or newer please update.

These updates for Fitbit are in our app from these versions onwards.

If the app is not showing your latest steps or you can not connect please try the following.

1) Go into our app, go to the pedometer section of the app, choose config (the cog icon in the top right), then choose fitbit and then choose 'Disconnect'.

2) Log into and check your latest steps show, sometimes there is an issue with the fitbit app itself and it does not send the latest to Fitbit.

3) If the steps are showing then turn off your device and then back on again - DO NOT go back into our app when you have turned back on. Please wait for the appropriate step to do so.

4) Go back to the fitbit website.

a) Choose Settings (as shown in the image below)

Then choose Applications on the next page shown and then next to our app name press the 'Revoke access'.

This will force our app and fitbit to reestablish communications.

5) Now go back into the app and go back into the pedometer section of the app, once again choose the config icon in the top right (the cog) , choose Fitbit and then choose Connect and you should be up and running.

If you have further issues please raise a support ticket