Please note : This program has now finished

Our previous paid app that you purchased is no longer available as of June 2019 and a NEW app was published.

Most developers just leave the old users high and dry but we didn't want to do that so as a good will gesture anyone who gets in touch between June 2019 and end of July 2020 we will re-enable the features the originally purchased. To take advantage of this you must raise a ticket with your username in the app and a copy of your original receipt.

Please note : Your purchases are not transferable, you need to be running the same Google or iTunes account and still be on the same platform i.e. Google or Apple - we can not transfer purchases between accounts or platforms.

Last material edit : 19th July 2020

Notice in bold added : 10th august 2020

Last Spelling/Grammar fix : 10th august 2020